Pagan Sacred Callings That Aren’t Priesthood

In the last post on Intermediate Polytheism, I mentioned listening to the Gods so as to hear what They’re calling you to do. That call may or may not include priesthood.
Priesthood is a specific set of duties and commitments, and it often looks very different from what Catholic priests and Protestant ministers do. There are many forms of service – priesthood is only one.
In 2014 I wrote a fairly lengthy post titled Priesthood – A Modern Pagan View. That was a condensation of a longer essay I wrote as part of my ordination training. I listed lots of things that priests do, but I grouped them into three main categories: serving the Gods, mediating for the Gods, and serving their communities. That post stands on its own and I encourage you to read it. I’m going to quote one section and then move on.



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