Wicca: A New Major Religion

“In August of 2017 The Atlantic’s website published an article entitled Why Are There No New Major Religions? It’s a fun article, and name-checks a few contemporary religious and spiritual movements, most noticeably Scientology (which is sort of a cousin) and the veneration of Santa Muerte, a deity/folk-saint popular in both Catholic and magickal circles. What the article does not mention is Wicca, and while I’m not surprised, I will admit to being disappointed.

While Wicca has managed to work its way into the public consciousness over the last thirty years especially, it’s most often presented as little more than a curiosity. The more benign articles promise Witchcraft like you’ve never …”

Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/panmankey/2017/09/wicca-new-major-religion/#IU7YgXzzsx67f0RA.99


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