In Irma path

I would like to request that we pray for all Floridians that are in the path of Irma. The prayers that I request is that they get sense on how bad it’s going to be and get to safety by leaving the area or get to a shelter before the storm arrives. I be seeing that some are hunkering down at their homes. I am personally praying to my Goddess and Gods for their safety in this upcoming disaster. I do have family in the target area where Irma is heading. Thank you in advance for doing this my sister and brothers.


11 thoughts on “In Irma path

  1. i agree, tharem. i have a lump in my throat & a pit in my gut thinking about it. i’m putting a white bubble of protection over florida.

    i hope your family stays protected throughout the storm & during the aftermath.

    our mother earth needs some TLC right about now. protection blessings!

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  2. Sending positive thoughts and intentions for protection of all your loved ones in the area. Tharem , I want to send you an e-mail with an advice what to use for your protection.


  3. Here I am again 🙂 with what I know
    I hope this method helps many of you who try it. I have read it somewhere months ago but cannot remember the origin…anyway, here it is:
    To ease any storm that approaches your area is sometimes possible. The tool that works is a dried Lobelia herb that shall be thrown towards the coming storm. One shall try to make telepathic contact with the storm and its energies and kindly ask the storm to calm down , to explain the reasons for this request/ for example…to keep the crops safe, to preserve people`s food and lives…/
    When you do this thank the storm for listening to you.
    Love and Light

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      1. You can plant it next year yourself and dry some of it for this purpose. But now …you should try find some in esoteric shops or search online.


  4. You are fine, Steve ?
    I feel something new is coming for the best of all. There is always Light after the darkness.
    My prayers and healing thoughts are with you and with all the people suffering the storm


  5. Our connection with the Earth is so deep and powerful, a thought shall become a crystal and speak with the mother. She will hear us, she will give her healing love and protection to all who speak to her through the heart.
    This is so!
    Blessings from my Heart!


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