Total Solar Eclipse Ritual for August 21, 2017


August 21, 2017

at 11:00 AM CT


Coven Life Chat Room


1 White or Yellow Candle – any size is fine

1 Black Candle – any size is fine

Lighter or Matches

Lady Beltane will be leading this ritual for you to welcome the Sun god, Ra, and the Moon goddess, Luna, into your life to help with the changes the solar eclipse can bring to your life and the world as a whole. This will not be done in a formal sacred circle. You can do this inside but it is better if possible to do this outside to connect easier with the elements and changing energies the eclipse will bring. You are welcome to copy the prayer and use it whenever you have the time to before the eclipse reaches your part of the USA.


Light your candles. First, the black one representing the Moon. Then the white or yellow one representing the Sun. Place the white or yellow candle directly behind the black candle this represents the total solar eclipse.

Lady Beltane: We call upon Ra and Luna to help us find and accept the changes this solar eclipse will bring into our lives

We call upon Ra and Luna  to help accept the changes in energy this eclipse will bring about across Mother Earth and in the Universe

We seek your wisdom to show us the way to become more in tuned with the elements and energy of the world we live in and the world we live on

Thank you, Ra and Luna for the help you are so freely giving us.


Lady Beltane: Thank you for coming. I urge you to ask your guides what changes and new beginnings this eclipse bring for you using your candles as focus points while you meditate. I suggest you meditate until your candles burn out. Blessed be.

You can watch the eclipse as it is happening by clicking on this link: NASA Eclipse Feed




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