Big Energies This Week For Soul Advancement by Molly McCord

It’s a dynamic week with both the Mars in Cancer and Sun in Cancer making squares to Uranus in Aries. This is the energy of breakthroughs, breakdowns, impatience, aggressive anger, big outbursts, and an immediate desire to ACT.

Keep in mind that whatever is frustrating, triggering, or getting to you this week is a message that is meant to PUSH you through to the other side of something so you’re no longer on the fence. We are meant to be changing and making decisions this week about what we want NEXT – and sometimes, discomfort has to come up to get our attention. Discomfort is actually a very clear messenger – so trust that it is happening for a reason.

We can misinterpret the discomfort, frustration, or trigger to be more than it is. We can think it is too big, or too much, or we’re not sure what to do – hence, the anger and impulsiveness can come up out of frustration with ourselves.
Look at what you NEED that has been unspoken, untouched, and unacknowledged. It may be something from childhood… or when you were unsure how to communicate or express something about yourself. It can also feel highly personal and subjective, as it’s one of those unconscious patterns that keeps popping up or showing you something you need to claim and work with it a higher level of understanding. Have you been holding yourself back?
Change is the theme – so what is calling you to evolve? What is so dang uncomfortable that you don’t want to keep spinning in it and you want to set YOURSELF free?
Do that. And if you’re not sure HOW yet, the incoming Leo energy will give you the courage, heart, and drive to take those next steps.
Take time to sit with yourself and ask what you need to change and what you want next… and the upcoming New Moon this weekend will help show you the way forward as we enter eclipse season. Change is in the air (yet again!) and the more honest you can be about your truest desires, the easier it will be for you and the Universe/God/Spirit/Source to help you get there. ❤

As above, so below.
As within, so without.

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We’re on the other side of a game-changing Full Moon in Capricorn – need a breather and a break?

Take one and rest up as we prepare to shift energies big time in August. The Sun in Cancer supports as much self-care as you need, although it will be making a square to Uranus in Aries shortly and a pleasing trine to Chiron in Pisces.

We enter eclipse season soon, so enjoy any downtime while you can because life speeds up with intensity and momentum in August.

Every Wednesday, we discuss the energies of right now and what’s coming up with the planets in the week ahead so you can have a heads up about how to consciously + powerfully work with the energies in your life and in your chart.

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