Healing Crystals

Many people incorporate the use of crystals and gemstones into healing magic, believing that each crystal emits a vibration that tunes into the body’s energies, and this is used to heal emotional or physical ailments. Keep in mind that there is no medical or scientific support for the practice of crystal healing. If you’re thinking about using it to help someone who’s sick, use common sense: if they do not appear to be improving, or they are facing a life-threatening situation, seek out medical attention immediately.

All of that said, many people have had positive healing experiences with the use of crystals. While this could be chalked up as personal gnosis, enough people seem to find crystals valuable as a healing method that we should look at it more deeply. The use of crystal healing has been documented back as far as ancient Egypt, and is also found in Ayurvedic medicine, so it’s hardly some New Age fad.

In some metaphysical traditions, such as Reiki, crystals are placed on the body itself to help align the chakras. In other systems, crystal rods or wands are positioned near the body, but not touching it. The types of crystal used, and its placement, are determined by the ailment that is being addressed.

If you’re not sure which stones to use, …

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