A Thought for Today

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I am a proud broom riding, cauldron stirring, and ritual doing pagan/witch!

I celebrate the Esbats and Sabbats in my own backyard weather permits.

I proudly wear my pentacle and other amulets outside my clothes unless it would be a hazard to myself to do so. Examples – work because it could get snagged or when watching my younger grandsons because they may pull on it and break the chain.

When I am asked what religion or faith I follow I reply “The Old Ways or I am a pagan.”

Yes, I have been bullied, persecuted, and just called foul name besides being told I am going to hell by closed minded people. When told I Am going to hell I let the person know I do not believe in the Christian heaven and hell.

I try not to hide my spiritual path but instead proclaim proudly what it is in the hopes of educating those I come in contact with one person at a time that witches/pagans are every day people just like anyone else with a belief in some type of God and/or Goddess.

I know many of you are not ready to come out of the Broom Closet for one reason or another and I truly understand that having gone through that in my life, but think about this…

If you let just one or two people you know of the spiritual path you follow you are opening their eyes to the fact that almost all media portrayals of witches and/or pagans are wrong. This leads to more people accepting us for what and who we are…Everyday people we eat, sleep, play, work, shop, etcetera just like people who follow a main stream religions.

Blessed be dear ones.



5 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. I think it’s great! Recently at the funeral I had a High Priestess introduce the ways of the Pagan by the ceremony to 4 other people who had no idea of the Goddess. All really enjoyed the ceremony. This to me is education.

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