Don’t sit on Your Hands and Do Nothing, This Effects Us All….The Free & Open Internet Is Under Attack Again

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The Free and Open Net Is Under Attack, Again

By Blake Irving

About two years ago, I wrote an article for Inc. Magazine warning of the danger to the content neutrality of the Internet.  At the time, the FCC was considering a move that would essentially divide the Internet into two traffic lanes—one for big business and one for everyone else. That meant Internet Service Providers could create “fast lanes” for preferred companies or content, leaving small businesses, charities, and individual initiatives to wither on the old, slow networks.

Along with many other leaders in tech, I felt an overwhelming responsibility to speak out and make sure that the Internet remained open and free.  Thankfully, the voices of tech, along with four million individuals who also wrote to the FCC, made a difference and the catastrophe was averted.  Now however, just 2 years later, the open Internet is once again…

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