What direction is your harmonic compass facing?

Whenever I immerse myself in a thought about the meaning of life, my harmonic compass always points in that one direction, “CREATION”

Being a student of history and a perpetual student of life I am on a constant search. A search for the meaning of life. A search for the code of creation, a search for the code of being. This is not unique to me and maybe you, this is encoded in every human, it’s called our DNA. A search, that has been undertaken, and will continue to be for the eternity of our existence on earth. We are curious creatures, often not content with what is in front of us, we begin to search by questioning the system that has been imposed on us, one that we have been bought up with. Then often than not we are not content with some of the answers that we have been presented with, so off we go on a spiritual self-discovering journey. One that has us searching high and low. We research different cultural systems, different religious systems, searching inside and out, go on spiritual and vision quests, or walk about, experiment with being involved in different religions, in different cultures until we resonate with the ONE. In ancient Greece they called it the MONAD. So what is the Monad?

By William Q. Judge, the term “Monad” is used quite simply and applies to the conjunction of the two highest “Principles” of the inner, spiritual constitution of the human being, namely Atma and Buddhi, which are usually termed the seventh and sixth Principles of man.

The above quote from a Theosophist touches on the meaning of our spiritual existence or the surface of it anyway.

Understanding that you are a spiritual being living a human experience is what separates you for what the Buddhists call the Maya “illusion or unreality”.

The modern day Witch is a seeker. They do not want to fall into the cycle of a conformed religion where they are told what and who to worship. They question their reality, their creation, their roots, their being. These are the people that are coming out of the Maya and into the Monad of spirituality. Take it upon yourself to research further especially in the wisdom of the ancients. Their code is written in the stars, their foot prints in our hearts and their wisdom in the perfection of the Earth Mother. This is why we are following this path. This is real magic!

Since the beginning of time man/woman has looked to the skies and in Mother Nature’s perfection for the code. The very code that has created our existence. A foot print left by the ancestors. One that is embedded in our DNA. The same DNA that has created the very universe and our Earth Mother.

The ancients discovered that the code of creation is everywhere, and that in order to understand it they needed to keep with its rhythm. The Mayans, the Mesopotamian s, the Minoans, Indigenous peoples of  North Americas,  the Egyptians, the Australian aborigines, the Greeks, the Siberians, the Indians- Vedic scriptures ,etc.. All followed and recognized the same code of creation through, calendars, the elements, the meridian points on the body and the earth, plant medicine, bio dynamic planting, meditation, the frequency in sound. Everything pointed in moving with the earth’s rhythm. They questioned, they searched, and they too went on spiritual journeys. In more modern times these spiritual journeys took the form of physical objects such as the Holy Grail or the philosopher’s stone. People would spend an entire life time searching for these physical objects only to find they only exist within. As within so without, as without so within.

Unless one understand the creation, the code, the very code that created existence it is difficult for them to understand the true meaning of MAGICK. Magic is something that everyone has an ability to do. This is part of our DNA. Every single person, animal, plant, rock, is made of the same elements. The very elements that created our Earth Mother, they created US. Indigenous North American peoples always say “Our relations” and that includes the Trees, the rocks, the fish, creepy crawlies, furred, winged and feathered ones, clearly they have a better understanding of the creation code!

The Earths rhythm is the very same rhythm that created us. The earth’s surface resonates at 8Hz (Schuman’s Resonance), the same frequency that the human brain resonates when in a state of deep meditation, lucid dreaming a state where you switch your external space to your internal space. This is the state that the ancients used to experience, a state of contact with the internal, the God and Goddess, the code, the creator. 8Hz is the heart beat of the Earth.

8Hz resonates with 432Hz

Music was used with its frequency of 432 Hz in ancient Greece to reach that state of bliss through their instruments. It was used in the Dionysian and Eleusinian mysteries along with the aid of other hypnotic substances. So what is so important about 432Hz? Well this is the same frequency that nature is in, from the sound of a frog, to a running stream, the song of a bird and the resonance of color! This is why we find nature so soothing. Another wonderful example of 432Hz in is the Ayahuasca songs of the Peruvian Shaman’s. Even the Tibetan bowl is tunes to 432Hz. This is natures healing frequency, this is her gift to us.

And how did the ancients know what resonance to tune their instruments? Again, this is the code that everyone has the capacity to learn because it is embedded in our DNA. This is the tune of the Universe. Being in tune with the universe is understanding the code, in actuality it’s not even understanding it, It’s being it! Such frequency’s allows one to develop intuition, and we all know how potent a witch’s intuition can be. When one is in harmony with the universe, with creation, with the earth, they intuitively develop skills that tap into other dimensions. They hear sounds that others don’t, they see things that others don’t, and they sense things that others don’t. This allows them to enter another world, or what the modern day Shamans call the “Non ordinary state of reality”. This is the Shamans door way to the multi verses where they converse with the dead, with other spirits here and beyond. Entering portals that allow them to heal themselves, nature and others. These are ancient practices that have been part of us since the beginning of mankind. Practices that resonate throughout all cultures, throughout all times, throughout all peoples. I once wrote an article on Coven life called the search for “The true Witch, Healer and Shaman”. It doesn’t take much to recognize that all 3 are one and the same. All 3 are tuned to the earth’s heartbeat and natures healing frequency. All 3 practice in the same way to achieve the same result. Labelling is purely placing a dividing line through humanity. Human kind has been imprinted with the same harmonic compass of the universe and The Earth Mother for a reason.

Magick is in all and everything!

Like Roald Dahl once said “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”.

Blessings to you dear brothers and sisters

Hypatia of Alexandrea.


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