WOTC Extra – Ritual and Magic

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Memorial Day CommentsRitual and Magic

The most exciting meaning of ‘ritual’ is connected to magic. There is an underlying belief that, if we do or say the right things in the right order, we will get what we want and open the enchanted door. Popular superstitions are connected to the belief that certain actions can bring about certain results by some means other than cause and effect – such as bad luck from walking under a ladder. Often there is some sound symbology underlying this. When we are young we more readily revert to ‘magical thinking’ – ‘everything will be all right as long as I don’t step on any of the cracks in the pavement’. As we mature we leave this behind in favour of the rational approach. Indeed, ‘magical thinking’ is considered by psychotherapists as a sign of mental or emotional instability.

However, if you take the view that we…

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