A Thought for Today

Please share what kind of journey you are on in your life with us if you would like to.

As for myself, I am on a side path of my main journey by finally really working on my book for those that know knowing about The Craft but interested in learning.

Blessed be dear ones.


2 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Merry meet,
    My journey had been slow to progress. I was almost stagnent till recently. I was awoken again spirutually, and my spirit has not been still since. I started my studies again to revisit my career in the medical feild. I am struggling but not giving up on getting my health back by makeing an effort to lose wieght,excersice and eat better. Most of all not allowing my life as a mother/wife define but finding me again and giving myself time to do what I have to,need to and most of all want to. Last but not least maturing my spiritual path and staying true and listening to what it tells me always trusting and never fearing what I always wanted.
    Brightest blessings to all enjoy your day.


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