Useful and Beautiful Items Available in Magickal Necessities Store

I just went or a stroll through Witches of The Craft’s new online store Magickal Necessities stores and wished I had a couple of hundred dollars to spend. This is a pagan store stocked and run by witches. They do not have it in stock, write to them and ask them if they can get it for you. I did! They have everything from different styles of Runes and Tarot cards to different makes of wand and pendulums to bells, candles, soaps, cauldrons, ritual bowls and a lot more. Your eyes will get bigger and your “Oh that’s SO COOL” will get louder with each page you look at.

This weekend is a special combined grand opening and benefit to help Lady of the Abyss, founder of the WOTC and the reason Coven Life website exists, pay some of her astronomical medical bills from the past year and this current hospital stay. Here is the information on what is happening this weekend:

Saturday, July 8th thru Sunday, July 9th

All day, all night

Magickal Necessities

Sign up for daily gift aways, gift certificates and free pentagram necklace to given away every hour on the hour, just sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and you are registered for some great prizes! Just that simple!

Come on over, shop, have aome fun & get some great prizes just for stopping by

Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter and you have a chance to win, win, win!

Remember all proceeds go to a great cause and lady, Lady of the Abyss for her catastrophe medical expenses.

I am sure you will find something you want in this delightful online store. Prices start at just $3.00 for some of the soaps and go up from there. I have shopped other metaphysical stores online and in person finding prices on some items outlandish but all the prices in Magickal Necssities very fair and resonable on everything they offer. Stop in today and enjoy browsing plus entering the drawings for prizes. I came away with a pentacle similar t one I lost 8 years ago

I came away with a pentacle similar t one I lost 8 years ago, that I loved, and two bars of soap all under $21.00 including shipping!


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