I Need Input for my Book in Progess

Merry meet and merry greet dear ones.

I am in the process of finalizing a book I am writing to help those brand new to The Craft. The general idea is to write a book that someone who is interested in The Craft or a novice to it can use to build a firm foundation for the knowledge of how to do basic spell crafting, ritual and general helpful information to use on their witch/pagan journey.

It occurred to me as I was going over my outline last night that I should ask those the book is aimed towards, “What would you find the most helpful in a book like this?”

I really do want your input on what the book should contain to help start people on their journey in a safe way and with basic knowledge of the “magickal” part of The Craft.

I thank you in advance for your help and input. The acknowledgments in the book will include all of you that comment or email me with useable suggestions.


23 thoughts on “I Need Input for my Book in Progess

  1. Great Info: Beginning Wicca in You Tube’s videos, emphasizes Choosing the PathWay that fits for you alone. This happens for discovery of your self alone. You are walking a true pathway for your heart.

    Good luck in your book. I want a signed copy. 🙂

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    1. Blessed be sister! I think helping others learn how to do their Shadow Work would be an amazing addition! Here is one of my articles on it that was published on Rebelle Society


  2. I think a history lesson of how wicca came to be, how to find your inner magick, principles to live by i.e. Daily practices, enlightening ideas to keep you a safe practitioner, ways to protect oneself, etc. A personal path exploration in the craft, true vs fiction, ideals of the way a particular witch may take. Spells for everyday use and special spells for certain happenings i.e. Certain spells to do at certain times. A how to for witches so to speak. A section on our worship i.e. Our goddesses and gods and what they represent and how to best use them in practice. Maybe some gardening ideas to assist in spells can buting of the market. I think all of this would be helpful but the main thing is giving your reader a feeling of freedom. They have found the path in which to live and this book should be a guide in all things wicca but in simple learnings. I think it should be a collection of books with steps on how to succeed at every level from the beginning to the end. Hope this helps. It may have gotten long but didn’t want to leave anything out and maybe it will spark more information along the read. Love this idea!!! So glad I found you!!!

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    1. The gardening part got spell corrected. I was meaning a way to grow your own herbs, etc to practice with vs off the market purchases for safety wholeness etc.

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  3. I think the most helpful tips involving the “magickal” part would be about easy rituals casting, spells, recipes for own made oils and tools for the rituals, tips for who cant practice freely and has limited space-time for the rituals. I also think a list of contacts (like e-mail) of people up to listen, give advice, answer questions about the Craft is someone is up to, I remember trying to find that when I started.
    I hope it helped, good luck with your book!
    Can’t wait to read it


  4. Merry Meet,
    I think a very nice thing a book like this would have in it is, sort of “Point of it all” type thing. For a Novice it could be challenging wrapping their heads around the “Spells”, “Magick”, “Rituals”, etc and what they actually are doing, and what the whole point of conducting them is. I do realize a large portion of people who turn to wicca most likely have a decent grasp at these concepts already, but for the truly Novice, who is used to Christianity, or some other religion or even a person who has never been quite religious. A “Point of it all” section would be awesome
    Manny blessings,


    1. Thank you Zephrum! This very useful as the book is geared towards those brand new to The Craft who have no or very little idea of why we do things they way we do. The idea is similar in a lot of ways to my novice lessons.


  5. Hello dear Lady Beltane.

    I would love to see a quick little reference pocket book one that Ican carry in my Witch bag wherever I go. This may even be a down size of the one your creating. Moon times for spell work, essences, quick herbal references, magical healing tinctures for colds and flue, almost like a little emergency magical book. In times of need all that is required is a quick reference to dodge our memory.
    Many blessings
    Hypatia of Alexandra

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  6. While studying as a novice I am overwhelmed with so much information coming from everywhere. I realized the other day I don’t have to know everything and just stick with the lesson I’m doing now and that’s all I need to worry about for now! Just do one step at a time. Most people can’t get all the neat altar supplies at once, know exactly where they go and what to do with them all right at first. Just, one thing at a time.

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    1. Yes Laurie just take one lesson at a time so as not to be overwhelm. The altar things are to help focus energy. The main thing to have is something to represent the 5 points of the pentagram.


  7. When I first started studying the craft my biggest confusion was with casting a circle and when/if calling the corners was needed. There is so much in the way of conflicting literature in regards to the subject it would be great to have a resource that made it simpler with some basic wording ideas too


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