Wishing You A Very Bright & Beautiful Sunday Morn’! May The Goddess Shine Her Love Down On You & Yours Today!

Good Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft and to all those who might be visiting us for the first time. We hope everyone’s day is off to a beautiful start. It’s unusual we are up before dawn even cracks this morning, lol! We have a morning full of magick and a little bit of everything else. So let’s get this party started…..


Celestial Date

Slip out into the garden,
On a quiet, peaceful night,
And listen to the ancient ones,
Whispering in the starlight

Let your worries go,
As you connect from whence you came,
And in this meditative moment,
This crazy world will become sane

Dance beneath the moonlight,
As carefree as a child,
And sing a song in another tongue,
Without questioning why

When the magick enfolds you,
And carries you away,
The stress of life will surely ebb,
And you’ll be refreshed for the next day

All you must do is believe,
With your soul and your whole heart,
And you’ll begin to see it’s never,
Too late for a new start.

—Blessed Be: A Collection of Witchcraft Poetry
Chastity Skye

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