It’s Finally Friday! Good Morning To All Our Dear Family & Friends! Ready to Get This Day Started

Wishing All Our Precious Family & Friends, A Very Beautiful & Blessed Friday Morning! Got those hours counted down to the weekend yet, lol! While you are killing a little time, why not spend it with us….



As a child you saw,
The world of wonder,
Amazement and awe

That connection you felt,
To the earth and sky,
To the creatures of nature,
That would slither or fly

Before the world,
Had to make sense,
And logic invaded,
And rules became defense

Think back to a time,
When the crashing sea,
Was all you required,
To explain beauty

Before you were told,
“That cannot exist”
And your signals were crossed,
And ideas mixed

Think back to a time,
When things you touched,
And things you’d seen,
Were the tip of the iceberg,
Not the whole thing

The world we live in,
Is so much more,
Than what we see,
When we walk out the door

So much more than the naked eye,
Could ever make out,
Although we try

Let yourself go,
Erase all your doubt,
And find out what,
This world’s all about.

Blessed Be: A Collection of Witchcraft Poetry
Chastity Skye

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