FYI about Lady Beltane

Merry meet and merry greet Brothers and Sisters,

I took my stubborn bull by its horns and said enough is enough of working a second job that was very stressful for me and quit today! i talk a lot about balance in our lives and it is time to practice what I write about, I was trying to work 2 part time jobs, run this website almost by myself, stay up with novice and adept lessons as well as other email and still try to fit in quality time with my husband. Not a balanced life at all since the jobs entailed me working 7 days a week. I will finally after 2 years have weekends to spend with my husband, R., family, and familiars, Star and Cleo while I will be able to get many odd jobs done around my poor house that has suffered while I worked also creating a cluttered living environment, which can be toxic in many ways to a person physically, mentally, and spiritually. The only room 1/2 way clean is my den/temple room and only because I stayed up to 2:oo AM one-night last week to clean it…boy did I suffer the next day.

Anyway, it is a start to really bring balance back and kick stress out of the way. With having fibromyalgia (a condition I am learning is in part from stress) I have to prioritize what is important to me. So as of today here are my priorities:

Eating right, getting enough proper rest, exercising as suggested from physical therapist

Husband and Familiars

Children and grandchildren

My novices and Adept – I will have more availability on the weekends for starting the Novice and adept class meetings, also for one on one meets in the chat room (or through Skype for students only)

Coven Life website with continuing help from Lady of the Abyss

Getting my home back to being really liveable (I know this is different for everyone for me it is having my 2nd dining room table back, dust free surfaces (I am allergic to dust mites) clean up my yard and gardens, cleaning out unwanted junk in the basement, getting clothes donated to a women’s shelter)

Restarting my dog obedience training business again for the warm weather months (A passion of mine right up there with teaching and running this site)

Finish my book for Novice Witches

Some f you may find this post ridiculous or unnecessary or any number of negative things but I felt it was important to share that I am not above chewing myself out for not practicing what I tell others they should do when I am not doing it myself. I will check in with you all through here from time to time to let you know if I am making any headway on my home and if I am balancing my life to the best of my ability. Until then…keep balance in your life, keep the stressors to a minimum and enjoy your life to the fullest!!!

Merry part until we merry meet again, with a heart overflowing with love may you be blessed dear ones,

Lady Beltane


8 thoughts on “FYI about Lady Beltane

  1. Merry Meet Lady Beltane, Congratulations!!! I love how you are prioritizing and being able to do the things you want and being good to you! Blessed Be, Ocean Star (Steven).


  2. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Hi Lady B, Congratulations in taking the step to leave that second job, self care is truly important. I’m sorry to hear you have fibro, my dad and best friend have fibro too, it’s tough. Make sure you get your rest days in. Sending love and light  Emma x


  3. Prioritizing is always a good way to make what seams like a hectic world feel a little more manageable and less stressful. Blessed Be.


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