Let’s Start a National Self – Appreciation Day TODAY

I figured since many holidays start with a grassroots movement we should declare the first day of the full Moon in May a national holiday no matter what nation you live in. The name of the holiday – Self-Appreciation Day! Here in the U.S.A., we have appreciation days for everything from secretaries to honoring those who have served our country. All people who deserve recognition but we have no day to appreciate ourselves. It is way past time that we do. Some of us work more than one job, have small children, pets, volunteer work, you name it someone does it. Do, we always get the recognition we deserve? NO! To we take time out of our busy schedules to just do something we like to do alone? Most of us do not do this often enough if at all. So I declare we all should take one day at least a year to honor yourself, your achievements, reaching a goal you set for yourself, etcetera, and I decided today should be that day. We do not need parade, cards or the other material thing manufacture tries to trap us into buying or doing for other holidays. Maybe all we need is an uninterrupted chance to go to the restroom (I know my children when they were young would try to follow me or knock on the door asking questions), maybe go have a quiet lunch with a friend you have not had a chance to catch up with for a while or just take a bag lunch and sit outside to eat it (if the weather is nice enough), read a couple or more pages in that book you have been dying to start, you can do anything that will boost your appreciation for all you do for others but especially what you should and/or do, do for yourself.

Self-appreciation leads to more self-worth which in turns leads us to be stronger more clear-headed and compassionate people. This is not a selfish thing to do this is a must do to be the best person you can be for not only yourself but everyone you interact with as well.

I ask you what is one small or big thing you can do for yourself this first day of May 2017 Full Moon? I am

I am going to use part of the day to rest and play with my fur girls. I also plan on doing at some point on Adept level lessons, I hope since I go called into work before I could even finish this.’



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