Full Moon in Scorpio Goddess Divination for May – The Fates and Your Psychic Self

MAY 9, 2017 By

The Moon is Full in Scorpio on Wednesday, May 10 at 5:42 pm eastern. Whenever Scorpio shows up, we can brace for some intense energies and possible hidden agendas coming our way. This Full Moon has been building since the potent Taurus New Moon last month and the culmination can add some profound emotional underpinnings to what is happening on the surface – another trait of watery Scorpio.

This full moon is sitting in a sweet spot among the stars, save for the fact that it’s in Scorpio. Scorpio doesn’t do sweet. It does intense. It does cathartic. It does down and dirty. This full moon, therefore, can be used to tap into the transformative power of the therapeutic process. This full moon can help us to understand, in greater depth, our ability to take what has been painful and pour it into what is productive. This moon can remind us of the powerful fuel that our emotions can be. ~ Chani Nicholas

Scorpio is ruled by Mars (squaring Neptune and trining Jupiter this week) and Pluto (trining the Sun and sextiling the Moon) which is also in retrograde. All of these cosmic maneuverings can bring magnification to truths or heighten anxiety about illusions. Thankfully, these aspects are reported to be brief, so the best option is to hang in there and let things unfold as they will.

This Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing transformation, whether in the depths and to be revealed later, or activating your consciousness right in the moment. As we lead up to this Moon, get clear about the seeds that you have planted, what you would like to see coming into full bloom, and what is no longer necessary. Scorpio is also a favorable sign for magic, ritual work, and Akashic (past life) work. Set the tone for this moon through deep, inner journeywork with the Ancestors, with past lives, and add a ritual boost to your intentions.

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