An Interactive Chuckle for Today

Castle, Cat, Evil, Female, Fictional

What would your caption be for this picture?

Have a great week dear ones.


14 thoughts on “An Interactive Chuckle for Today

  1. Stronger than before 🙂 when they wanted to remove her
    The wisdom of ages and the eternity of Life
    ” What does not die cannot be killed ”

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  2. Interactive chuckle of the day.

    Witch- ” The new bessom 3oo0 came with a GPS up grade. Im home in half the time. I don’t know how I managed before?”

    Cat- ” That’s the thanks I get for being your co- pilot for the last 300 years. Why do I bother?”.

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      1. It is my pleasure sharing this powerful energy charging with you.
        This is my Orange Juice for the Soul 🙂 shared with loved Ones

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