4 thoughts on “Faery Lore

  1. Lady Beltane, I loved the article. I did not know about the elements not being limited to the four we know so well. I believe as you, that the Fae is made up of individuals and have their own magick. I also have seen a long time ago my only contact: A small green clothed (Elf or Gnome?) being under a very tall pine tree in the state of either Oregon or Washington. I can not recall which.

    Brightest Blessings, Steven (Ocean Star).

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  2. How cool! I’ll be posting some pictures of my backyard showing a Fairy “playground” While I get to see one of the Few from there hill home in my backyard, I know the help they give in my vegetable garden. I always seem to have the best harvest in my neighborhood where they almost all use some type of chemical fertilizer. I just use home made compost and ask for the Fed’s help. Ticks my neighbors off…lol


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