Faery Lore

Well, the font for this article paste super tiny and will not let me enlarge it. This is really good information about the Fea so I suggest you click on this link to be able to see the article to read it.

Here is the link to click on: http://www.earthwitchery.com/faery.html


5 thoughts on “Faery Lore

  1. Lady Beltane, I loved the article. I did not know about the elements not being limited to the four we know so well. I believe as you, that the Fae is made up of individuals and have their own magick. I also have seen a long time ago my only contact: A small green clothed (Elf or Gnome?) being under a very tall pine tree in the state of either Oregon or Washington. I can not recall which.

    Brightest Blessings, Steven (Ocean Star).

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  2. How cool! I’ll be posting some pictures of my backyard showing a Fairy “playground” While I get to see one of the Few from there hill home in my backyard, I know the help they give in my vegetable garden. I always seem to have the best harvest in my neighborhood where they almost all use some type of chemical fertilizer. I just use home made compost and ask for the Fed’s help. Ticks my neighbors off…lol


  3. Those who say that fairies do not exsist do not believe that there is much more beyond our timeline. Fairies can be seen and contacted when one “jumps the timelines” , in other words one should believe the dreams and visions he/she has and live them. This is a state of consciousness that goes closer to Astral level. The physical reality is seen from the Astral and they all can contact us and see us. We do not often see them because we are anchored in our physical / hard world. But we have the potential to jump timelines, this is a question of understanding and each one of us reaches it with his/her own pace . Thank You , Lady Beltane for this wonderful theme

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