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Wishing All Our Brothers & Sisters A Very Beautiful & Blessed Tuesday! Welcome To Your Astronomy for Today

Good Tuesday Morning to all our Brothers & Sisters of the Craft! We hope you are have a very beautiful & blessed Tuesday so far. Are you ready for today’s astronomy. We hope so, because we are starting today with a beautiful poem from the author Alan Faraway from his book, “Pagan Ways.”


 Pagan Ways

Upon my altar a crystal ball,
An athame, candles and chalice tall,
A pagan goddess, a pagan god,
All laid upon my altar cloth,
A bell to help me celebrate,
Offerings placed upon a plate,
My pagan tools I now display,
How I love my pagan ways.

I’ll cast my circle upon the floor,
Then call upon the quarters four,
Earth, Fire, Water, Air,
The God and Goddess may join me there,
I may sing, or I may dance,
I may even dare to chant,
As pagan music softly plays,
How I love my pagan ways.

My ritual over, now time to seek,

I’m feeling light upon my feet,
I’ll walk among the trees and plants,
And search for berries upon the branch,
I’ll feel the breath of natures kiss,
At one with all is total bliss,
I wish I lived in bygone days,
To learn first hand these pagan ways.

—Pagan Ways
Alan Faraway

This episode also includes:

 Your Astronomy For Tuesday, April 25th

In Your Sky Tonight

 The Witches Current Moon Phase

Mars in Gemini

About The Planet Mars

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