April Energy Update – Take A Break This Month!

We took a road trip down to Key West earlier this month to celebrate my 40th birthday (yaaaay!), and I think we needed to stay longer because I really don’t feel like I’m back from vacation yet. Spring break is in full effect in my brain – no complaints either, as it’s certainly needed this month.

Are you feeling a heavy energy, or a weight, or  just a need to relax more right now?

As I’ve been sharing in the weekly podcast, April is a month of slowing down, unsettled energies and shifts. We are being asked to take a break and step back from what has been occupying too much of our minds, emotions, or energy field. A heads up that there may be frustration, unmet expectations, new options, and figuring out a fresh way ahead the end of this week.

One of the gifts of understanding energies is that we know we are not alone in a feeling or energy experience, and it confirms that we are more connected to Universal flows than we realize.

Stay open to new ways of seeing something that has felt frustrating.
Be easy on yourself.
Any feelings of pity, doubt, or worry are temporary.
A bigger timing is in place, so know that you are meant to go slower.
If money is a big issue, what needs to change for the long-term? Be responsible and brutally honest with yourself.
Take a break – daily.
Focus on joy and play, in even the simplest ways.
Make time for mindfulness OR mindlessness. Binge-watching TV counts.

Nothing can be rushed this  month, so no need trying to force it or to drive yourself crazy, unless you are looking to expend a lot of energy, just because.

Mercury retrograde is in effect until the first week in May, reminding us to reconsider, re-prioritize, review, reflect  and relax in the Aries and Taurus areas of our lives. What you are starting and building will take another form, and you’ll have new ideas and options in May.

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