Greet the Dawn With This Lovely Morning Blessing

Get a jump start on your day with this beautiful morning blessing. It is guaranteed that you will see a difference in your day after saying this blessing everyday. Enjoy!



Everyday Magic, Spells & Rituals for Modern Living

Dorothy Morrison, Author

Ms. Morrison’s books are currently on sale online at or Barnes& They are also available at any fine book store in your area. So pick yourself up a copy or two!


The  WOTC Podcast

3 thoughts on “Greet the Dawn With This Lovely Morning Blessing

  1. Thank you dearest Lady A for these posts. Because of them I get to hear your wonderful voice more often. Along with the informative and fun information. You are helping to take my knowledge to a new level!
    Love ya,
    Lady B


    1. And I was thinking it was more like a side show, lol! Thank you B, I am glad you are enjoying them and also for letting me post them over here.
      Love ya,

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  2. Dear Lady of the Abyss, When I awoke this morning I saw the full moon in all its glory. I also saw the fool Moon the Night before and it was impressive. I wish I had a smart phone to take a picture.

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