WOTC Special Presentation on Dragon Magick (Part 1) Seeking & Working With Dragons

All throughout the Multiverse

The power is there to bless or curse

‘Tis balance of darkness and of light

That holds the Web threads every tight.

Black chaos dragons and those of Light

Locked in balance that is right.

The dragons’ code is very clear,

Each Ring should be for half a year.

From Apprentice to the Warrior guard.

Te way to be Mystic is long and hard.

All levels explored, all trut laid bare.

The students’ motive, pure as Air,

Must pass the test within the heart,

Before the Veil of Knowledge parts.

Dragon-trust he must earn, then wait

Until his teachers reveal the Gate.

Dragon magick, strong and old,

Requires the student to be bold

Cast the numbers three times three,

For that is what the power will be.

No dragon spell is weak or small,

For dragon magick conquers all.

–Dragon Ring Code

D. J. Conway, Author


Dragons are old and wise and don’t have time for foolish humans. So master your craft and master it well before you attempt to call or befriend a dragon. Are you ready to start your journey?


Excepts from

Dancing With Dragons

By D. J. Conway

Ms. Conway’s books are currently available on Amazon.com and hundreds of fine bookstores everywhere.