All About Samhain – Celebrating the Witches’ New Year in the Southern Hemisphere Part 4


As Samhain approaches, decorate your home (and keep your kids entertained) with a number of easy craft projects. Start celebrating a bit early with these fun and simple ideas that honor the final harvest, and the cycle of life and death.


No Pagan celebration is really complete without a meal to go along with it.

At Samhain, celebrate with foods that celebrate the final harvest, and the death of the fields.

By Patti Wigington

All About Samhain – Celebrating the Witches’ New Year in the Southern Hemisphere Part 5


Interested in learning about some of the traditions behind the celebrations of the late harvest? Find out why Samhain is important, learn why black cats are considered unlucky, how trick-or-treating became so popular and more!

By Patti Wigington

All About Samhain – Celebrating the Witches’ New Year in the Southern Hemisphere Part 2


For many Pagans, Samhain is a time to do magic that focuses on the spirit world. Learn how to properly conduct a seance, how to do some Samhain divination workings, and the way to figure out what a spirit guide is really up to!

By Patti Wigington

All About Samhain – Celebrating the Witches’ New Year in the Southern Hemisphere Part 1

The fields are bare, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the skies are going gray and cold. It is the time of year when the earth has died and gone dormant. Every year on October 31 (or May 1, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) the Sabbat we call Samhain presents us with the opportunity to once more celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. For many Pagan traditions, Samhain is a time to reconnect with our ancestors, and honor those who have died.

This is the time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is thin, so it’s the perfect time of year to make contact with the dead.


Depending on your individual spiritual path, there are many different ways you can celebrate Samhain, but typically the focus is on either honoring our ancestors, or the cycle of death and rebirth. This is the time of year when the gardens and fields are brown and dead. The nights are getting longer, there’s a chill in the air, and winter is looming. We may choose to honor our ancestors, celebrating those who have died, and even try to communicate with them. Here are a few rituals you may want to think about trying for Samhain — and remember, any of them can be adapted for either a solitary practitioner or a small group, with just a little planning ahead.

By Patti Wigington

A Thought for Every Day

While the following two posts might not seem directly related to The Craft they are directly related to The Old Ways. What are The Old Ways some of you may ask? They are the ways of our ancestors honoring and living in harmony with all things on, below and above Mother Earth. It is the way those of us that practice The Craft should live. It is what we should try to reach others no matter what their spiritual path is. I do not mean to imply that we need to “shove” our beliefs down anyone’s throat, I mean we need to show them by example. For instance, take a small trash bag with you on walks and maybe a rubber or plastic reusable glove than when you see litter left by others pick it up, out it in your bag and then dispose of the bag properly. My now 14-year-old granddaughter and I started doing this on our walks around my neighborhood when she was just a toddler. While some of my neighbors at first have us strange looks, it wasn’t long before I noticed some of them doing the same thing with their children. I can now years later walk about a half-hour radius of my home and see no litter to be picked up.I

With this year’s official Earth Day just a memory… Don’t you think it is time to lead by example of making every day a day to honor Mother Earth?

If any of you, my dear brothers and sisters know of published stories like the two that follow this post, I ask that you please either put the link in a comment on this post or email me the link so I can post it. The degrading and killing off parts of Mother Earth are not just happening in the U.S.A. or Iceland but it is a worldwide epidemic and to me it is not enough just to say we care we have to walk the walk of helping to heal her and this, in turn, will help heal some if not many of mankind’s diseases, illnesses, and heartbreak. This applies to our other living brothers and sisters no matter what species they are, what kind of plant or tree, to once again let the creatures in the waterways live life to its fullest potential for them, ectara.


Blessed be dear ones.

Iceland Trying to Keep Humans from Trashing Mother Earth

10,000 ISK worth of coins fished out of hot spring in Geysir geothermal area

The Icelandic Environment Agency has been trying to crack down on the practice of throwing small coins and change into hot springs, installing signs explaining to travellers that the practice is banned as well as mounting clean-up efforts to fish coins out of springs. One hot spring in the Geysir geothermal area, Blesi, yielded 10,000 ISK in small change when volunteers cleaned the spring last summer.

To read the rest of this enlightening article, please click on this link:

More Proof of Humans Damaging Mother Earth

Tourist Trash Has Changed the Color of Yellowstone’s Morning Glory Pool

Researchers have found proof of what caused a hot spring’s drastic color modification—it’s people, of course

Read more:
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Read more:
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Your Daily Tarot, Runes, Ancient Symbol Card & We Have A Few New Ones Just for You

Welcome to one of our favorite episodes, we love drawing the Tarot cards and doing Rune readers for ourselves. So why not do them on a daily basis for our family & friends? We couldn’t see why not. It never hurts to be prepared, does it?

In this episode….

Tarot Card of the Day

Daily Love Tarot

Your Daily Influence for Today

Daily Witches Rune

Your Ancient Symbol card for Today

Your Animal Spirit Guide for Today

Your Daily Numerology for Today

Your Charm for Today

The Wisdom of the Buddha

and last but not least, A Little Thought from Me to You!

Up Next….

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