Podcast Happenings: The WOTC Special Presentation on Elemental Witches Concludes With the Air Witch (Parts 1, 2 & 3 Now Up)

Welcome to the WOTC special presentation on the Elemental Witches. Tonight, finishes up our series with the Air Witch. Let’s see, we have covered the Fire Witch, Earth Witch and Water Witch so far. Have you found your Element yet? If not, we still have one more to go. The Air Witch is sometimes seen as flaky and airheaded by sone, the strength of the Air Witch lies in her intelligence, not her common sense. She walks around with her head in the clouds. Too often she suffers from “foot in mouth” disease…….


Exerpts from

The Elemental Witch

Tammy Sullivan, Author

Ms. Sullivan’s book is currently on sale on Amazon.com. Grab yourself a copy today!





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