Another way for Balancing, Ground and Recieving Positive Energy

Many mornings I am up before the Sun starts to peak its way up. I love these mornings now that the warmer weather is coming and the birds are returning, singing for a mate it makes this time of day even better. I also love as the Sun rises I can still see the Moon as it sets to shine over others.  For me I feel the balance of night and day, I will stop somewhere that I feel is in the middle of the two to ground more and open myself up more to the universe and to help regain any balance my spirit, mind, and body have lost over the last week. After standing still for anywhere from a minute to, some days, fifteen minutes I continue on my way to wherever I was headed – usually the train station to watch my two youngest grandsons or to one of my jobs – feeling more energized, happy and content being me. Be sure to thank the deities and universe for their help.

I ask you to get up at least one morning a week and try this out for yourself. First put roots from the bottom of your feet down deep into Mother Earth, next open your Crown Chakra to your deity and the Universe asking them to cleanse you down to every cell in your body. Next take a few deep breaths while picturing all the pain, anger, hurt and negativity being pushed down from your head all the way through your body to exit through your feet. Ask Mother Earth to claim and rejuvenate the energy for her use. Then ask the Universe and whoever else you want to call on to fill you with positive energy, love, and laughter. Some weeks or even days you may have to do this more than once… I know there are days I need to.

Please comment about your experience as it might help someone else who is struggling for balance. We can all learn from each other. Many happy, positive blessings to you dear ones!

Copyright 2017 Lady Beltane


3 thoughts on “Another way for Balancing, Ground and Recieving Positive Energy

  1. I Love early mornings, they are magickal, not quite daybreak, but not still night…I either sit quietly in my garden swing, or on my patio in my favorite chair, and just listen…..

    I clear my mind, and take slow deep breaths entering a meditative state, it is then that the Goddess speaks to me, and my guides come to me…’s then ,there in Nature in all of her glory, I feel lifted, cleansed of all the negativity and healed…

    Sometimes, I’m there for a few minutes, and other times I’m there for an hour… just being…it’s there, that I give thanks for all of my blessings, and its there that I feel closest to the Divine…

    I live on an acre of property, unusual in the city, but I’ve created an area, where I can go, with Elms, and Pines, and Cottonwoods, theres bird feeders all over property, and a beautiful birdbath, that welcomes Nature to my space, along with a small manmade pond with koi, where I can hear the sounds of the water…

    this is my place of healing, this is my church, and this is where I go to ground ,heal, and give thanks I’ve, Blessed this area as well, and invited Nature, and the Divine to dwell here…

    My home is in the Desert, but I’ve created a small forest that feels miles from the city, and allows me to find peace…and that’s where you can find me…

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