Welcome One & All To The WOTC’s Spell of the Day which is a Spell to Cancel a Spell along with a Special Bonus Just for You

Have you ever did a spell then wonder what on earth were you thinking? You would give anything to cancel, stop from coming to fruition. Today’s spell will help you do just that, it is a “Spell to Cancel a Spell.” This is similar to calling back a spell, only you don’t command the energy to return to you to be grounded and neutralized. Instead, you allow it to be released from its original goal to flow freely to wherever it can do the most good. The choice is left up to you.


Items you will need
1 foot of black thread
Sharp scissors


Only Chant within this spell:

I command all energies released in the pursuit of (name the goal) on (name of the day) at (name the time) to cease their motion this day, this hour, this minute, I release you. I release you.
From this moment, you are free. Disperse and flow to where the universe desires to do good in the way that the Divine commands. You are free, you are free, you are free!





“Help Me Learm From This” Herbal Pillow

This pillow is to be put under your pillow to help you learn from your magickal boo-boos.


Items you will need

2 8×8 squares of cotton fabric in pale blue or pale yellow
Pins, needle and thread
2 tablespoons dried vervain
2 tablespoons dried sage
3 bay leaves
Sandalwood oil
1/2 to 3/4 cup flax seed
Glass bowl
1 sodalite
1 howlite
1 copy of the complete record sheet of the spell you performed


Only Chant within this spell:

My spell is embraced with healing, wisdom and love.
Spirit teach me, help me learn from this spell.
Allow me to grow and understand.
By the grace of the Divine
These are my words, this is my will.