Ancient Spells that Haven’t Seen the Night Of Day In Many A Moon…..

Ancient spells that haven’t see the night of day for years. These spells come for as far back as the Viking Culture and up through the Victorian Era. The most of them are protective spells but we have thrown in one or two different ones than we generally offer. One is to reconcile with a departed love and the other is to stop nightmares from your past. We have provided a list of each spells name below. We hope you find them interesting and useful.


A protective mojo bag from Viking culture and Europe

A five herb mojo bag from Europe

A protective  mojo from the Hoodoo Tradition

A ritual to finish business with someone who has gone away or died

A spell to stop nightmares about the past

A spell to reverse bad luck

A two-balloon spell to banish bad luck



Spells for the Sunday, March 12, The Night of the Full Moon

Dance, dance under the Full Moon’s Light!

As promised, we have added two new spells to our podcast. One is a Full Moon Ritual which can be adapted for a Solitary’s use. We also have a group Full Moon Release Spell it can either be used for a coven or again adapted for a Solitary’s use. You can use these spell as they are, re-word them to suit your needs or let them inspire you to write you own. Either way, we hope you find them useful. Enjoy!


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