Saturday, A Day Chalked Full of Astrology, Horoscopes, Tarot Card Readings, Rune Readings & A Few More Surprises Just for You!


(This is not on the podcast what I am getting ready to say, “A bird could take a poo on the lines out here and everything goes down. In other words, our internet has been out because of a light snow. Can you imagine that?)


Ah, Saturday, What a glorious gift from the Goddess this day truly is! Come join our expert astrologers, Tarot readers, Rune Readers and see what today has in store for you. Does a surprise await you around the corner? How about a new love? You got questions, we got answers. Today on this session we are featuring some information on our upcoming Sabbat, Ostara. We know tomorrow is the Full Moon and we invite you over to the WOTC,, to view all the information on the Full Moon you could ever want at our main site.

As usual, we hope you continue to enjoy our broadcast. Tell your friends about us, the more the merrier.


Thought of the Day

Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.


The WOTC Podcast


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