Please Help Us Welcome our Newest Contributor

Please help me welcome our newest author, Allaiyna, to the Coven Life website. Allaiyna, is one of Lady Beltane’s newest adepts after studying with her as a novice. If you have any questions about hoe hard or easy a novice year can be to study under High Priestess Lady Beltane this would be a good person to ask.

To learn more about Allaiyna please read her bio on the About Coven Life and Its Contributors page. You can click on it at the top of our Home page.

Allaiyna, welcome! I hope you find it comfortable to post articles either those written by you and/or that you find on the world wide web. Thank you so much for joining the CL staff!!! One question – Could you please post how to say your name correctly?


5 thoughts on “Please Help Us Welcome our Newest Contributor

  1. Allaiyna – your story is so similar to my own. I’m so happy to be a novice here and am looking forward to completing more lessons and getting to know everyone here. Thank you Lady Beltane for this site and helping to guide us along. And thank you Allaiyna for your contributions. Blessed be – Laurie (aka Raven)

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    1. I am happy to hear my story has reached you. Being a novice under Lady Beltane was a year and a day that I greatly appreciate and will cherish the rest of my life. I loved the experience and cannot wait to see what the adept lessons bring!


  2. Welcome to Coven Life! Lady Beltane is a wonderful Lady and I am sure you will enjoying working with her. I look forward to reading your posts. Welcome again, may you enjoy your stay.
    Lady of the Abyss
    Witches of the Craft

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