(Special Podcast) Let’s Talk Witch – Cursing, Enough Said


Throughout history, Black magick, curses & hexes have also dominated the topic of Witchcraft. Today, let the truth be known about curses in Witchcraft.

Topics covered:

What is a Curse

Does Cursing Somone Make You Evil

Is Cursing Proper

Should a Witch Curse

How the Three-fold Law Plays Into the Mix


Along with some of Lady of the Abyss’ own personal experiences with curses and some useful advise whether you should curse or not. What do you think she will say?


“To know and understand the Light side of the Craft, You have to first know and understand the Dark side.”

—Lady of the Abyss


We hope you find this pod session very useful and informative.


Witches of the Craft Podcast


6 thoughts on “(Special Podcast) Let’s Talk Witch – Cursing, Enough Said

  1. Dearest Lady A,

    You asked for feedback. Well here’s mine for way its worth.

    I really enjoyed that I listened at least. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m overtired but th background music was irritating something fearce. Sorry as I am sure you took some time picking exactly the music that would fit your personality and the overall theme of your podcasts.

    Love ya,
    Lady B


    1. You aren’t hurting my feelings, Lord M picked out that damn music. Every time I go to pick out some for some reason the computer won’t play crap, Hmm? I think I will try a different computer. But I wanted your input and I will tell him to pick some new music. I am glad you listened, your opinion and feedback means a lot to me.
      Love ya,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I picked out today’s music and he is bitchin’ right and left. He is telling me you can’t even hear it. I think it is very soothing. What’cha think, sis?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I loved the music and could hear it in the background.
        To Lord M:-P just joking brother…lol
        Put more of a comment on post byte bout special podcast.

        Love ya both,
        Lady B


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