(Special Podcast) Let’s Talk Witch – Cursing, Enough Said


Throughout history, Black magick, curses & hexes have also dominated the topic of Witchcraft. Today, let the truth be known about curses in Witchcraft.

Topics covered:

What is a Curse

Does Cursing Somone Make You Evil

Is Cursing Proper

Should a Witch Curse

How the Three-fold Law Plays Into the Mix


Along with some of Lady of the Abyss’ own personal experiences with curses and some useful advise whether you should curse or not. What do you think she will say?


“To know and understand the Light side of the Craft, You have to first know and understand the Dark side.”

—Lady of the Abyss


We hope you find this pod session very useful and informative.


Witches of the Craft Podcast