Introduction to Healing Energy Chakra Meditation with a Powerful Chakra Meditaton Step by Step And More Mind Body Healing Techniques

Balance one or all your chakras and see exactly what a distinction it can make to your health and success.

Some Background first and Understanding Chakra Meditation

It is commonly understood how meditation can enhance your general health and wellness, plus make your mind more serene. You can decrease tension and acquire a higher sense of satisfaction through experiencing meditation.

Meditation provided for brief duration a number of times a day has actually been revealed to alter the brain and make it much easier to carry out complex jobs. It is likewise utilized as a way of going beyond common idea and presence in an effort to accomplish knowledge, an increased mindset.

Practicing meditation by duplicating the mantra for each chakra, either by itself or in a series, can move your chakra energy. Each chakra is what can be referred to as a focal point of spiritual, physical and emotional energies.

7 Chakras Energy Centers Explained

The chakras are energy centers connected with a specific location of the body and specific kinds of energy which can be well balanced as well as amplified in order to result improvement in your life. The 7 chakras are referred to as being lined up in a rising column from ones bottom or anus through to the top of the head. Each chakra has its own color and kind of energy.

Beginning with the bottom and working our method to the top, with the color of each chakra, we have:

To learn more this subject as put forth by Leon Edwards please click on this link:

6 thoughts on “Introduction to Healing Energy Chakra Meditation with a Powerful Chakra Meditaton Step by Step And More Mind Body Healing Techniques

  1. Hi Lady Beltane, I have chosen to look at the Seven Chakras and the Runes as a beginning in my journey. I have purchased an Introduction E-book to the Seven Chakras. My first wife (14 Years) was a Massage Therapist and I received a lot from her in learning about energy in the body. (She also practiced a lot on me. Lucky Me LOL). After this I plan on looking at Runes. I have a set I bought in Gainesville. I am really looking forward to my investigations. Thank you for sharing the article. With Love and Light, Ocean Star (Steven).

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      1. Hey Steven, it is good to see you again. The address for the WOTC is hot-linked in the banner above it. All you have to do is click on the banner and it takes you right to the podcast. Sorry for the delay in answering your question but it has been rather hectic around here recently.
        Lady of the Abysss

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  2. Thank you! I am glad you are ok. I also am glad to see you. I finally found the WOTC web site at the bottom of the web site of “Coven Life”. I look forward to hearing your podcasts. Ocean Star (Steven).

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