Some Free Training to Help You Step into Your Personal Power

I cannot tell you how much Chrystal has helped me in the last couple of months to come back to the world of the living. Wanting to be here again for all my novices and adepts and you my dear ones that stop by to read what is on our website. Please listen and follow along with this video to help yourself step more into your personal power not just for The Craft but for everyday living as well.

If it were not for you dear ones this website would not still be here. You stopping by to read what we have posted makes my heart swell with love and passion to bring you more informational and other tidbits. They may not all be exactly related to The Craft but are related to giving you a smile or letting you know me or my staff better or any number of things. I thank you from the core of my being for reading us daily!!!

I sincerely hope you enjoy and learn something from Chrystal Kubis’ video. She has more posted on her channel on You may want to go watch some of them. She is an amazing woman that I have known her almost 20 years. I watched her grow from a gangly unsure pre-teen into a woman I admire and use as a mentor. So needless to say she is not just someone I saw on the internet I found interesting talking about but not really feeling how they can truly help others.

To take a quote from Chrystal:

“I sending you all a love bomb”


2 thoughts on “Some Free Training to Help You Step into Your Personal Power

  1. Hi Lady Beltane, I watched Chrystal’s video. She is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this. I followed her formula and want to register with her site. I need to open my chakra up to the Goddess. I have a lot to learn. I loved the anchor to the Earth.

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