The WOTC’s Sunday Podcast


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The features this week are: Your Daily Horoscopes, Daily Tarot, Daily Witches Runes and much more. Lady of the Abyss discusses Folk Magick and gives some spells involving Folk Magick. Should add that our Daily Divination for Sunday are divided into three different sections. Each section has a transcript following it.

Hope you take a moment to listen and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The WOTC’s Sunday Podcast

  1. All our podcasts stay up all the time. So you can listen to them anytime you want. I didn’t get around to doing Saturday’s but I did get Sunday done. You ought to listen to it. I want to know if I sound like a hick or not. Nobody around here will tell me the truth, I know you will. Take a listen, please!
    Love ya,

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    1. I will take a listen to it Tuesday 2/15. Today I feel like my brain has turned into mush and I can barely move my body because I hurt so much from working ways to many days in a row. I just have to remember I’m not a spring chicken anymore…lol

      Love ya too,


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