Important Information on Coven Gatherings

Until further notice, there will be a coven gathering every month on the full Moon. They will be open to all Pagan and/or Witches that would like to join us. See banner on left for date, time, and link for chatroom where gatherings are held.


2 thoughts on “Important Information on Coven Gatherings

  1. Hey there sis, sorry didn’t have time to pop into the mail this morning. I have read the emails you sent. I wanted to tell you to send me an invite so I could get the graphics for the WOTC back up. Also would like to advertise our Podcast down at the bottom too. I bet you didn’t even know we had a Podcast did you? I even mentioned about having you on doing an interview, gee, woman! Just kidding, I love you and you know. Just send the invite and make sure when you do it is so I can mess with the graphics and stuff on the site. I think it needs to be admin. but I am not for sure right now. Anyway, will be waiting for it. Till then…
    Love ya,

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