From the SmartWitch and Vincent Van Gogh❤🎨

I have listened to that voice to many times. No More! I will be bold. I will be bright and I will be seen. To proceed is to be. Allowing my nothingness to be something.. Anything. The rest will sort itself out. 💙

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress


4 thoughts on “From the SmartWitch and Vincent Van Gogh❤🎨

  1. I often heard that I can not draw. This was due to my failure as a child in Jr. High in Art. I had an art teacher that told me I can not do art! This has been in my head for years and has affected my creativity. I picked up a book on using the Right Side of the Brain. I drew the most wonderful Harbor with old Sailing Ships in Pencil. I was amazed! Thank you SunRay!

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    1. You’re welcome. I saw this today and knew that I am not the only one that deals with this problem.
      I have always been told that I’m a good artist but my vision sees garbage. I’m learning that I appreciate the gift of vision and if I lost it how would I feel about my art then. Aren’t life lessons wonderful? Lol


  2. You do have it. You open your eyes in the morning and see beauty. You thought you couldn’t paint and you found out that you can sketch beautifully. Yahh!!!
    We all have a form of art, some paint, some grow, some write and on. I’m glad that you have the courage to experiment and learn different things. Congratulations on that strength.
    I tend to freeze before I start. But I’m working on that. I’m developing the Who cares what others think attitude. Hahaha


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