The Loving Lady of the Moon

As I sit at the train station waiting to go to my daughter’s home to watch my youngest two grandsons I’m bathe in the light of the Waning Moon. Being a Crone myself I feel strength and calmness coming from the Crone of the Triple Goddess. She is peaking out from behind wispy clouds that enhance her beauty. I so enjoy early mornings when the birds and other daytime critters are waking up to embrace the Sun. While all around me the nocturnal critters are finding a comfortable, inviting spot to tuck into sleeping the day away. When dusk comes and the critters reverse their potions as the quite of the night strolls in again I’m reminded of how blessed I am to have a snug, comfortable home to shelter me and my familiars as we sleep also. Our lovely Goddess shining down to give us strength and comfort. Continue reading “The Loving Lady of the Moon”