The Death and Rebirth of Self

I was led to the following blog post today….this seems to be a reoccurring theme during this Mabon time.  I hope you find information that is helpful for you at this time in your soul journey.

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5 thoughts on “The Death and Rebirth of Self

  1. How very interesting WWW.

    I am currently working with this very thing and it has turned me inside out, back the front and up side down. Its exhilirating and exhausting all at once.

    Life sure does work in mysterious ways if you allow it.

    Many blessing

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  2. Thank you Wolf Woman. The article revealed the death and rebirth within? We will be sad of the loss and feel a void. Sometimes I want to hold on and never let go. But other times I see the need to let go. I want to but can not figure a way. I go back and forth and have a hard time seeing my path forward. With Love and Light, Ocean Star.

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