Full Harvest Moon Message!

Tomorrow, on the other side of the Moon, we will dance to new music and realize new purposes.

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach


Tomorrow the Full Moon, my loves, and a Penumbral Eclipse. We are quickly coming to the most magical time of the Autumn Equinox, and the end of Mercury’s Retrograde. What exciting days, and finally, a release from the uncomfortable grip of stress we have been under. It has been intense, to say the least, but I have exciting news about the numerical significance of tomorrow’s date as it coincides with the Fullness of Luna.

16.09.2016 adds up to the number 7 which is one of the most magical numbers created in a Universe of infinite order. You see, 7 represents chaos and the irrational. But in this word of dualities we must have opposites and order desires chaos just as light must have dark.

In sacred geometry, 7 is born outside of the Vesica, and cannot be equally divided into the 360 degrees of the circle. An anomaly..which serves a…

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