Higher Level of Light

The Cosmic Cookie trail has led me to the following blog posts today….I read the first one in my email and thought I should share this one. I ran some errands, did the normal day to day stuff and then came upon the second blog post….I think I am being shown a message and wanted to share.

I found it interesting that BOTH blog posts were discussing ways to increase Light or raise vibration.  It is so easy in our day to day lives to forget to take care of ourselves in these very basic ways.  You can read both blog posts at the following links:

The first is by Hibiscus Moon:


This one is by Julia Griffen:


May the Cosmic Cookie Trail lead you on your journey of discovery!

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One thought on “Higher Level of Light

  1. Interesting, I just finished listening to a lecture by Manley. P.Hall in magnetism. A concept that has exhisted since ancient times.

    Many blessings Hypatia.


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