Crossroads Ritual

Crossroads Ritual by Stregga

Crossroads place of power– it’s a portal -a vortex and a place of energy long-held sacred by humanity.

This is the place where you’ll invoke the powerful goddess  Hecate who presides over the crossroads. Back in in ancient times people left offerings to her to ensure they had a safe passage to all who ventured to her domain.

We will leave to the crossroads at midnight this is the rite  that requires Courage and preparation – it is a rite one must not enter into it lightly..


I have taking this crossroads at the railroad right underneath the sign that says crossroads -it’s exhilarating and exciting and the magick is so powerful timing is everything -so let’s get you prepared:

You will need:


Cleansing herbs – rosemary, eucalyptus or Hyssop

Olive oil or a condition oil of your choice

Two -Tea Light candles

Clean clothes

A basin to catch your infused water if your using a shower

A container to carry your bathwater  to the crossroads

And enough time in the morning to ensure you step into the crossroads as the dawn is breaking.


Morning of the rite.

Rise without speaking to anyone concentrate your power within yourself you don’t want to break the spell by speaking.

bring 2 cups of water to a boil add the herbs to the water cover the pot and let it steep for approximately 10 minutes the longer it steeps the stronger it will become..


While the infusion is steeping, anoint    your tea light candles with olive oil or with the condition oil you’ve chosen

Remember the conditioning oil –it is oil that is made to work with a specific spiritual condition. There are several types to use -Once you have anointed your tea lights place them outside your bath or shower so that you will step between them when you exit your bath.


When the liquid is ready dispose of the herbs outside (returning them to earth) sprinkle them in your flower pots – if you prefer blow them to the wind with love..


Now carry your infused water to the bathroom.

Place your clean clothes next to your bath, so you can put them on once you’re dry.


Now wash yourself down -if you’ve used the tub make sure you plug it. If you’re using the shower place a basin large enough for you to stand in -in the bottom of the shower of the shower.

In the shower or bath set your container you will use to carry your bathwater to the crossroads….

Lite the tea lights -step into the shower the bath. Call into  your mind  what you seek to release -if you have prayers of release now is a good time to say them -call upon the goddess or the gods -to help you release that which no longer serves you -and as you recite  your prayers–pour  the infused water over your head allowing it to run down and over your body –feel your troubles being washed away -once you have poured the water all over yourself brush yourself downward with your hands–gather some of the bathwater into your container drain the remaining water from your bath and take the container of water with you as you step back out of the Bath walking between the two tea lights.. Allow yourself to air dry and then put on your clean clothes. Now it’s time for you to go on your little journey to the crossroads find a sign that will say crossroads -go to the railroad tracks- you will find a sign that says crossroads.  When you enter the crossroads with your bathwater stand with your back to the East -gather your intentions and power- speak your words of release and cast your bathwater over your left shoulder -do not look back over your shoulder -you’ll be tempted- but don’t do it!! Not looking over your shoulder is an act of faith -you must have faith that your prayers have been heard!! Looking back over your shoulder negates all the work you’ve done.  Now take a different route home from which you’ve come -this new route is the new route in life that you’ll be taking –there’s no need to backtrack drive home and be blessed–remember to feel the power and anytime you need to perform this powerful rite do this again -be creative and do what you need to follow the light- it’s a new year of the Samhain this is also a good time to do this ritual..

You may call on the goddess Hecate and she will assist you..


Prayer to Hecate:


Three faced Hecate come to me beloved mistress –graciously hear my sacred spells- image of the night, youthful one, Dawn-born light bringer to mortals who rides upon fierce eyed bulls.. Oh queen, you who drive your chariot on equal course with Helios, you dance with the triple forms of the triple Graces as you revel with the stars. You are justice and the thread of fates

Clotho Lachesis Atropos


Hecate, goddess of the darkest night send my troubles all to flight- burn them in thy sacred fires and replacing them with my hearts desires



At the gate of Dawn I stand –Hecate On either hand, guard me with your magic power- guide me through the crossroads hour- from the beauty of the night to the glory of the light


Or at the gate of dusk I stand. Hecate on either hand- guard me with your magic power guide me to the crossroads hour from the glory of the light to the beauty of the night

© 09142016 Stregga

2 thoughts on “Crossroads Ritual

  1. I call upon Hecate for help with my craft. This prayer to Hecate is beautiful and I will start using this beautiful prayer


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