The sorceress is totally getting her geek on

The first notes play giving me shivers down my spine and the new Star Wars begins… 😍

I agree this Retrograde has been hitting hard. Rest now because when we are called to help we will have our strength and Spirit will guide us to what needs to be done.

Be Ready Our Healing Magick Is At Hand❤

11 thoughts on “The sorceress is totally getting her geek on

  1. When is the New Star Wars? I loved the series. Sun Ray, I have been through a lot and want to say thanks for sharing what has been hard. I have also been through a lot that I haven’t even begun to heal. I am starting to work on it. I see myself as a witch. I have my beliefs in the Goddess. She is number One in my book! I plan on healing as much as I can. Thank you and it means a lot that you may open up. I am trying to do the same with all of you.

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      1. Thanks SunRay! Your comment and Lady Beltane’s have helped me immensely. Thank you Ladies for listening. Let me know when the Star Wars Movie does come out. I love the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”. I guess that makes me a nerd too (LOL). Lady Beltane, I love Star Trek too, that makes me an ole nerd — Ocean Star, Your Witch Brother. P.S. I will be there tonight at 8 pm ET. With Love and Light!

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  2. Star Wars?? I would never think you were into those but who am I to talk I’m totally into Dr. Who and Star Trek.

    Yes, this is a time for healing and “soul searching”. Both things we tend to put aside for ourself while helping others. I too am taking a few days to re-evaluate myself and to heal some inner things after the coven gathering this evening.

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    1. I’ll be there With my Wiches hat on and my Spirit staff of feathers.!!
      And yes I’m a complete nerd, also quite proud of it. Lol. I watch the Lord of the rings and the hobbit so much I can quote them while I’m watching it. Hahaha💙💚

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    2. Hi Lady Beltane, Guess when I was born (LOL)? This is true, I am 67 years old (Oy!). Born in 1949. I remember the first Star Trek ever made. I am a Hobbit Fan and Lord of the Rings. I also love , if you ever have heard, Yasmine Galenorn. I have read all of her Otherworld series (16 books). I am on her last book.

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      1. Steven – You are not 67 years old. You are 67 years wise. I know males in The Draft are also called Witches and the first two male aspects are Boy and Father but I am unsure what the male equivalent of the Crone is called. Anyone out there have this answer? I am a Crone and 58 years wise so not that far behind you. I have heard the Otherworld books mentioned by my youngest son but have not read them myself. I am a HUGE Tolkien fan and have been since I read the first Lord of the Rings books in junior high school. Do you ever watch Dr. Who or Stargate 1?

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  3. Hahaha They just have no idea how awesome we are.
    I feel good today, the first I’ve felt in a long time. I woke up with an air of excitement and not an air of dread. I think the coming full moon is lifting the effects of the retrograde. 💙

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  4. Lady Beltane, Thanks for the support as 67 years of wisdom. I must adopt it. Yes- I loved Star Gate and for some reason, I do not remember Dr Who. The Trilogy is amazing. I think I read it twice. It has been awhile. Wow-you are close, Thanks for sharing. Both you and SunRay have a great Full Moon. I am sending quiet prayers to Lady A. I am also attending the Full Moon group with the Mother House of the Goddess Friday Night. Love and Light to you both, Ocean Star.

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