A Bit Lost- From My Heart To Yours, from: SunRay Sorceress

I’m sharing something that is bugging me. I’m normally a very logical person. I love the science in The Craft. That also means I like predictability. So when dealing with spirits and my guides that means they spend a lot of time laughing at me. Lol

I typically say that when we’re going in retrograde it’s really no different then any other day or time of the month, you know, No big deal. So that was be for the one we’re in now..

Right before this retrograde hit I was happily learning and perusing my psychic gifts. I just found out that I have a few and am very excited to explore them further. Now fast forward to the last week or more. I’m feeling lost,  isolateed, claustrophobic and a few other panicky things that I won’t bug you with. I have to admit, I hate feling this way. It brings out bad habbits like bad eating habits and low self esteem, a lot of self destructive demons that dance around inside of me. But something else is happening at the same time such as, the last two times I’ve gone out for my walk I’ve found a turkey vulture feather and a beautiful raven feather. It’s as if my guides are telling me that I’m not alone and keep prodding on because this too shall pass. I’ve also been blessed with a gift that. Put on the shelf a very long time ago. I’ve started painting with acrylics again. I know I’ve posted this a few times but it’s because many years ago I lost faith in everything that reflected who I am as a person and now it’s as if gifts are being reborn again. 

Please, why I’m sharing this is because you might be feeling negative or things that make life very uncomfortable and you might be saying Why, am I the only one going through this?? The answer is No. No you are not alone you are walking this path and you are surrounded by ancestors, Spirit Guides and a whole lot of sisters and brothers in this beautiful Craft. I love being a Witch and I love that my Guides are all-around. If you’ve forgotten that then step outside and take in all that the Elements have to offer you. Thanks for letting me share and You aren’t alone. 

Brightest Blessings Sisters and Brothers,

SunRay Sorceress

9 thoughts on “A Bit Lost- From My Heart To Yours, from: SunRay Sorceress

  1. Merry Meet SunRay, Yesterday was a very hard day for me. My supervisor who is very negative towards me was especially so because I asserted myself while tutoring a student. I told her that I would get a handout for her and she walked off mad. She is suppose to be a supervisor, but is very into Micro Management as her boss is. So I had a horrible day on Wednesday. I apologized to her the next day (I should not have done so)-but it turned out good. She hasn’t been mean, which is a good thing. So I have been through a retrograde too. So you are not alone. Good luck with yours. Sincerely and with love and light, Ocean Star (Steven).

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  2. Retrogrades can be difficult but just like everything that nature seems to throw at us its both inevitable and essential. I to am finding it difficult. It’s as if nature is throwing a curve ball at every corner, and what makes it worse is that during the retrograde, the already negative people become intolerable. I have learnt to step back literally, much like what Ocean Star was talking about with his experience. We can’t change others people’s reactions but only we are in charge of ours.

    Hypatia of Alexandrea

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    1. You are so wise. I’m not a big people person, they effect me too much and I haven’t mastered the whole blocking or shielding myself yet. I’d still be married if I could. Wait, no I wouldn’t. Lol I am one of those rare persons that enjoys her own company. 🌞
      This is the first retrograde that has effected me in such a strong way. I feel it’s because I have been exploring my psychic gifts. I’m opening myself more to my Spirit guides. 💙

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      1. Read my message below to Hypatia. This is a first experience! I know from dealing with the public and intuition. Wow-Thats great your opening to spirit guides. I always wondered what a shaman experiences. Blessings to both SunRay and Hypatia.

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    2. Greetings Hypatia, This has been the first of a really bad curve ball. I stepped back out of intuition. If I had not it would turn out intolerable. Thank you. I have dealt with the public too long (LOL).

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