Grounding Massage Oil

The Cosmic Cookie Trail led me to this recipe for making a Grounding Massage Oil.  I may play around with it to make it with herbs instead of essential oils.  A project for another day!


Hemp and Roots Grounding Massage Oil

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Finally a Physical Health Diagnose for Lady Beltane

Frist let me apologize again for canceling the Mabon gathering on such short notice and being absence again from posting like I should be on here.

My doctor confirmed after about a year and a half that I have Fibromyalgia. I am still learning about this condition myself but it explains many of the things that I have been dealing with more since my mother crossed last August. The thing that brings out the worse symptoms is stress and believe me losing my mother is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stress in my life. The medical community are not sure what causes it nor is there any care for it.

For anyone wanting to know more about this condition and also for a better explanation then I can give of it please click on the following link:

I am not looking for pity or sympathy I just wanted to explain what has been going on with me for the last few months. Whenever I feel up to it I will be posting. I am still mentoring novice and adept witches. I will also try my hardest not to cancel anymore Sabbat gatherings.

Please remember Lady A in your prayers for healing as she needs them much more then I do.

Mabon Gathering Due to Illness

I am sorry I have to cancel the Mabon gathering tonight because I am not feeling very well. I am waiting for the final confirmation from my doctor for medical results. Because of the stress, I have been under for the last 13 months it has gotten worse. One of the symptoms I am having a very hard time with is major headaches almost daily and always being very tired.

Please forgive me for canceling on such short notice.

Mabon Correspondances


The plate I painted for Mabon.


This is a recipe for Mabon Anointing Oil that I made a few years ago (I reference the Super Moon). I don’t recall where I found the ritual itself.  If you know please let me know so I may credit them properly.

Mabon Anointing Oil

I used Reiki on all ingredients before I started each step.

During the Super Moon in August, I put three small Tiger Eye stones in a crystal grid surrounded by 6 Carnelian stones with an Agate in the middle.  Tigers Eye to be used in bottle of oil for Mabon.

I mixed up a sacred smudging blend of sweetgrass braid, tobacco, juniper, and sage.  I put the blend in the sea shell that looks like the spiral of life.

Right before I started to blend the oil, I said the Full Moon ritual.

On this night of the Full Moon

I call on fire to set the mood

The perfect style and attitude

To serve my purpose and meet my goal

And cast me in the perfect role

On this night of the Full Moon

I call on air to set the pace

All obstacles shall it erase

Wafting in the perfect breeze

So I might play my role with ease



On this night of the Full Moon

I call on earth to set the scene

And ground me so I stay serene

No matter what might come my way

Supporting me through night and day



On this night of the Full Moon

I call on water to set me free

To be the best, most perfect me

Smoothly flowing through the hour

All aspects of my self empower



On this night of the Full Moon

For confidence and lack of stress

On this occasion let me shine

And touch me with a gift divine


So mote it be


Mabon Oil

Drop the three Tiger Eye stones in the bottle.

1 drop of Palo Santo-Top to middle

5 drops Black Spruce-Middle

1 drop Cajeput-Top

1 drop Mandarin-Top

2 drops Myrrh-Base

1 ½ t Grapeseed oil

The intention set was to allow the abundance of the season to flow and to feel the Love of the season.

©09212016 Wolf Woman Ways