Healing Tree- Before

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to post a before picture of my apple tree when it was sick. I found a picture I took in June. In the middle right side you see a brown branch that produced rotten fruit. The feeling I get from the tree is weak and listless. 

I’m glad I found this and will keep you posted a few months from now on it’s progress. 

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress


11 thoughts on “Healing Tree- Before

  1. I have a beautiful and old Red Maple in my front yard that unfortunately grows to close to the electrical lines so every few years they come and chop branches off of her. After the men have left I go out and do hands-on sending her healing, comfort, and love. I also make a herb bag, which varies from year to year, and bury it right next to the main trunk of the tree as an offering to the spirit that resides in it. I call her Momma Maple as a female spirit inhabits her, what type she is I do not know. She was planted in 1938. Your tree may be a little young for a spirit to have made it their home but you might want to place your hands on all your trees and ask if anyone is living there. Then get to know them. It could be a Wood Sprite, Fairy, Pikie or another type of spirit.

    I hope your apple tree makes it through the winter without any problems and shows itself to be happy and healthy come spring.

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    1. I already feel joy returning to her. I also feel it’s a she. I also feel fae spirits in that corner of the yard. After I laid hands on her and the other larger apple tree singing positive energy into them. I poured some cream at their base of each tree as an offering to the fae spirits.

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      1. I ask the spirit in Momma Maple what she would like to brew tea with. When it rains the spirit uses the herbs to refresh herself. That’s why I said it varies all the time. Since your tree is so young ask your Spirit Guides which would be best.

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