The rule of three.


Not long ago I read an article on the Coven Life website about the rule of three and the controversial theory between pagans in its belief as a rule or a simple guide line that can be dispute. So it got me thinking….

My path in the realm of magic has taken me to research as much as possible, not only in the now but also in the past, the mysteries that created this magical world that we live in, mythical, traditional, religious, superstitious, call it what you may, all in all you need a vivid imagination and a belief in a superior force in one form or another to see any kind of magic.

With this in mind off I went and started studying the different cultures, their belief systems that meld into their superstitions and their religions. Ones that have been passed down from one generation to the next, throughout various cultures around the world, from all 4 corners of the world and all throughout time, yet one thing resonated and that was their similarities.

In order for me to understand the significance of the law of three I started looking deep into history. Recorded history with the Trinity dating back to the ancient Sumerians. The law of three lies deep in the law of the universe, it’s a code that has been followed by man since the beginning of time. This code is the code that is imbedded in everything created not only on earth but in the universe. The Sumerians divided their universe into 3 regions that became the domain of Gods. Anu had the sky, Enlin had the earth and Ea the water.

The Babylonians recognised 3 persons in one God, in India Vedic scriptures they had and still have the 3 indistinguishable Gods into one, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

In Ancient Greece they had the Goddess Hecate, the Maiden, the mother the Crone, that represented the past, the present the future and in fact it was Pythagoras’s belief that the number 3 was the worship of the Gods as all things are bound by 3, for the end, the middle and the beginning have this number in everything.

The 3 appears as Hermes Trismegistus. This translates Hermes thrice the greatest, responsible for the Emerald tablet. Hermes and Thoth (ḏiḥautī ) are one and the same. He was considered the tongue of Ra, the logos of Plato and the mind of God.

It is not necessary here to enlarge upon the transcendence importance of the trinity that also lies in Christianity where their adaptation has been clearly taken from ancient texts.

The number 3 continues throughout Astrology, Mathematical compositions, Geometry, throughout Druidism, Hellenism, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and of course the law of 3 in the Wiccan Reed. When we say in perfect love and perfect trust we are talking about the Universe and its laws, the trinity in all its glory, the very thread that binds all of existence.

A student of magic is no simpleton, they understand that true magic lies in the mysteries of the universe, mysteries that often take a life time to understand if at all. Once we have an understanding of this code, only then can we truly do magic.

To conclude, the Reed has been indisputably written to recognise these laws of the universe, so next time you recite the Wiccan Reed know that you are recognising the unchangeable law, the code that created all of existence, the very code that has allowed and will continue to allow us as humans to live, think, create and even destroy. When we have gone the laws will continue to exist, why, because they are beyond our control and beyond our understanding. It is We that need the laws to exist not the other way around, therefore reverence and respect is needed and remember “Mind the Threefold Law ye should – Three times bad an three times good” in perfect love and perfect trust.

Many blessings Hypatia.


3 thoughts on “The rule of three.

  1. Hypatia, This knowledge is beyond what I have thought, even with Pythagoras (Since I teach at my college in Math). Thank you for that extensive research you have done. Before I go out in the crazy world of traffic, I recite the concept of three in the Maiden, the Mother, and The Crone in a protection prayer. Steven (Ocean Star).


    1. Merry meet Ocean Star.

      The knowledge of man is at our fingertips at all times, we just have to know where to look. Listening to some of the pioneers of Wicca you can see why they have chosen to be known as the Wise council or wise ones. They are usually versed in many religions, history, languages, misticism, cultures and the list goes on.
      I was readung a quote by Einstine who was very much influenced by Pythagorus-
      “The scientists religious feelings take the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is utterly insignificant reflection. This feeling is the guiding principle of his life and work, in so far as he succeeds in keeping himself from the shackles of selfish desire. It is beyond question closely akin to that which has possessed the religious geniuses of all ages.”
      Albert Einstein.
      He is talking about the very laws of the Pythagorian Theorem. In ancient times Pythagorus had his own movement.

      Take the time to study the ancients, the very people that shaped our thought processes of the universe. Every scholar new and old will attest to this including Einstine if he was alive.

      Happy researching.
      Maby Blessings Hypatia.


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