Mortar and Pestle, My Dilemma

Tonight I want to share a thought or two with you about a tool we use as Witches and simply take for granted.

I’ve recently dried my home grown herbs and am going to use these to get my Witch Cupboard started. I have also ordered quite a few herbs from an organic company, some are safe and some are toxic. I prefer to use herbs over oils because the oil scent is to strong for me and they give me a headache which makes it difficult to focus. I also like to experiment with ideas for making poppets, herbal bags, burning incense and such. To do this I need to crush herbal ingredients together, choosing the correct herb to resonate with the spell is important, for example, I don’t want any herbal residue from a previous use to counteract what I’m trying to do now. That train of thought brought to mind the possibility of becoming possibly poisoned, because I burnt a lovely rose petal  incense but some toxic herb was left in the bowl. (No this has not happened, but my paranoia runs away from me.) Immediately I researched How To Clean A Mortar and Pestle. I searched and couldn’t find anything about it. I ended up emailing the company I purchased the herbs from and the only thing they could suggest to me was to make sure I have 3 mortar and pestles, one for resin, one for toxic herbs and one for non toxic herbs. Their reasoning was because many bowls are made of porous materials which will collect in the stone. As I am a Witch on a budget I didn’t want to hear that for an answer, but I completely understand where thy are coming from.  My concern is this Sisters and Brothers In The Craft, I do not want any of you getting poisoned because of rushing into something without thinking every possible outcome through.

In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust,

SunRay Sorceress 


9 thoughts on “Mortar and Pestle, My Dilemma

  1. I use two mortar and pestles- 1 for toxic and the other for nontoxic. I feel all the oil cannot be washed away and would rather be safe than sorry. I mix herbs for teas and internal medicine in one and for topical medicines in the other. With the dogs, children, grandchildren, myself and hubby I treat with herbs I won’t take a chance. My nontoxic one is white and the toxic one is black. I painted a skull and crossbones on the black one also.

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  2. Haha, That’s a great idea Lady Beltane. My mom used to have a white marble one in her kitchen and of course i had to be different and buy a fancy green and black soapstone one, not realizing until after crushing frankincense and myrrh that the practicality of marble would be better. Lol
    Mom was great at making an “I Told You So”, very quietly. Hahaha


  3. Hi SunRay, As you know my email address expresses interest in Herbs. I have not had a chance to pursue it. (I plan on it when I retire, LOL!) I think you are wise in the separate mortar and pestles for the reasons of protection. I love what Lady Beltane and Loki has said since there are children and pets involved. Love the skull and cross bones on the toxic one. Ocean Star (Steven).

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